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This Super EASY way to make Healthy Food will Blow your Mind!

This Super EASY way to make Healthy Food will Blow your Mind!

Ex Bodybuilder Kiko Dos Santos has teamed up with Jack Sotirakis who is a Former Cook for George Calombaris, Current Australian Master Chef Judge.

Together using their Knowledge and Experiences in each Niche to Create Muscle Kitchen a Video Production Company, Known for Producing, Promoting and Cooking Video Content related to Diet and Lifestyle. Its Format is Educational, teaching Viewers step-by-step on how to prepare, cook and serve meals, posted on it’s Facebook Page.

The Melbourne-based Media Group has turned the Cliché “First Person DIY Recipe Videos” which are primarily focused on Super Cheesy (Literally) and Mouth Watering Cooking Recipes with little to no education in making the Food. Where as Muscle Kitchen have managed to do both as well as create every dish healthy and nutritious !

This Super EASY way to make Healthy Food will Blow your Mind!

Seven Months since launching, the Facebook Page has summed up millions of views. Giving you the Full A to Z Instructions for every Recipe given with an added breakdown to its Macros to make sure you are making the perfect portion and not “Over Eating”. In order to create super easy healthy meals all you have to do is Follow their page and keep updated with the recipes and they will supply you with the Ingredients, Instructions, proportions and Macros.

The Company has collaborated with Powerhouse Supplement Company EHPlabs as their Main Video Content Creator, reaching an audience of nearly 1 Million Views per Video.

In 2017, Muscle Kitchen partnered up with Kambrook to launch their “Blitz2go” campaign that consisted using the Blitz2go Recipe Book. Each Video advertised the Blitz2go allowing the audience to see the product in use. As well as being the top supplier for Electronics in Muscle Kitchen videos.

Mid-January 2018 Muscle Kitchen partnered up with Smash Ent to launch their “Back to School” Series. The Campaign has introduced “Muscle Kitchen Junior” as a Muscle Kitchen Spinoff for Primary School Children. Demonstrating easy ways to use their Tupperware to engage children in healthy alternatives for school snacks and lunches.


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